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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coffee Break Fest

Yesterday we participated in the Coffee Break Fest art/craft fair in Soughton, Wisconsin.  What a day!!  When Sandy and I were deciding at the beginning of the year which art/craft fairs we wanted to attend, we didn't pick this one right away.  One day I was flipping through the Wisconsin Art and Craft Fairs 2011 Directory, and saw the listing.  I thought, "OMG! A festival dedicated to coffee!! What could be better!  I LOVE coffee!"  So we hiked it over to Stoughton and had a great time.

Coffee Break Fest is a festival that celebrates the origin of the coffee break.  There was an auto show, art/craft fair, java jog, activities for kids, and a coffee brew off.  You could sample brewed coffee from area coffee brewers/retailers and then vote on your favorite coffee.  There were seven coffee brewers entered this year.  So, after we unloaded and set up our booth, we walked back over to the booth near the entry way of Mandt Park.  There, they were unpacking these cute two-toned green mugs and t-shirts with the Coffee Break Fest logo on them.
Each mug was $5.00 and you used the mug to sample the many different coffees and teas the brewers were making.  We drank coffee all day-AMAZING coffee! 

At first the weather was fine.  It was cloudy and the forecast said chance of rain.  It rained a bit right before the art/craft fair started at 9AM.  In fact, people were scooting under the craft fair vendor's canopies to escape the rain.  We had our first two sales before the craft fair opened due to the rain!  It would drizzle a bit, then stop, until around 10AM when it poured!  There was lightning and thunder and it poured for 15 minutes.  We were under a canopy, but our stuff got wet.  That was our last outdoor fair of the year.  I will be sure to pick up a surrounding wall for our canopy for the outdoor shows next year.

giggleFritz Sock Monkeys
Jill's counted-cross stitch   

Sandy's hand embroidery

Even though it rained, sales were good.  It was one of our better shows of the year, so far.  The people that came to the show were delightful to talk to.  We were also very happy with the people running the art/craft show.  They knew what they were doing and we had a blast talking with them too!  And of course, we thoroughly enjoyed the vendors/brewers and their Amazing coffee!

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