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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Acorn Nut

Every morning my daughter and I take a walk through the park down the block.  A few weeks ago we were on our usual route, descending a flight of wood and soil stairs on a hill when we heard rustling in the foliage next to us.  We both stopped to listen and looked down at the ground.  We found the cutest little toad trying to hop up the hill.  He wasn't making much progress and the result was his rustling around sound.  My daughter wanted to pick him up, and I said, "Just leave him alone."  We oooed and awed and commented on how sweet he was, and then we left him to his business of eating as many bugs as he possible could!  On our way home we could not resist finding a suitable name for our sweet bug-eater.  We soon came up with the name "Captain Pickles". Future walks to the park made us wonder if we would see our friend again.

On our walks to the park, I notice all sorts of leaves and debris.  I've even picked up a few pennies.  Lately, my object of affection is acorns.  I once saw a beautiful wreath totally made with acorns.  I love their shape and texture.  On our last three walks, I started to collect a few acorns.  My husband came home from work and was like, "Why are there nuts on the counter?" That was day 1. On day 2 I picked up a few more, and he was like, "More nuts?"  Today was day 3.  Let's just say that we had a little storm yesterday afternoon and there was a bounty of acorns on the ground today!  I felt like a kid in a candy shop!  I picked up nuts, and my daughter is treating me like I am crazy.  I had both hands full of acorns on the
way home!

So, we are just about out of the park, on the path, when I spot two perfect (I mean PERFECT) acorns.  I say to my daughter, "Look, can you pick those two up?  They are perfect!"  She gives me a sassy look and says, "Mom!  You have enough acorns! Besides, I don't want to get some weird disease from those!" So, I laugh and say back to her, "What, you think you will grow some acorn shaped bump on your head?  Do you think you will get acorn herpes?!"  And now I am laughing about acorn herpes! Ha!  She was willing to pick up cute Captain Pickles the toad that could really pass on warts, but not acorns.  Heaven forbid!  No problem.  I will be back tomorrow for more acorns!  I will definitely post a picture if I have an
acorn shaped bump on my head!

Happy Wednesday!

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